Pressured water cleaning without a Cyclone vacuum recovery system can be quite a wasteful endeavor – in most cases, the process ends up placing vast amounts of water and debris in waterways or storm water systems.

A Vacuum Recovery System Saves Water

Most methods not only waste thousands of litres of water, but also utilize dangerous chemicals in order to clean the surfaces, which are terrible for the environment as well.

Using A Cyclone Vacuum Recovery System
Using A Cyclone Vacuum Recovery System

When looking to clean hard surfaces using pressured water, it’s much more efficient to utilize an advanced, environmentally friendly solution such as the Cyclone Vacuum Recovery technology. The system excels at removing buildup of substances such as dirt, mould, grime and grime without at all damaging the underlying surface material. It thoroughly removes petroleum deposits and tyre marks as well. The Cyclone Technology features a patented cleaning head which provides powerful air movement, allowing the machine to instantly recover water and waste, preventing runoff or discharge to the environment. Another advantage it offers over other common methods of pressured water hard surface cleaning is the fact the Cyclone does not require an external vacuum, making it a much more fuel-efficient strategy.

A Vacuum Recovery System is Highly Practical

Highly practical, the system is particularly efficient in situations where the water supply is distant or hard to reach for another reason – since the same water can be reutilised over and over, there’ll be no need for repeated trips to gather more.

Using A Cyclone Vacuum Recovery System
A Cyclone Vacuum Recovery System saves water and delivers a mighty clean, every time!

Another factor which adds to the Cyclone’s high efficiency is the fact it requires a single operator to control, increasing speed and making it a much more straightforward process. In most cases, the cleaning can be completed in one pass, so it should be finished in no time. The Vacuum quickly absorbs virtually all the water used in the deep cleaning process, resulting in a clean surface with no standing water, immediately ready to be used. Since the contaminants are collected as well, you can be sure they aren’t discharged to the environment. The Cyclone Vacuum Recovery System is highly effective, and self-contained — which makes it the most advanced hard surface cleaning solution out there. It takes significantly less time than most other methods, and can clean surfaces such as paved areas, foothpaths and car parking locations. The Cyclone is much faster than other cleaners out there — while they tend to have a 20″ floor cleaner cut at most, the cyclone has a 36″ one. Not to mention its seven-stage filtration system, which makes sure the cleaning is thoroughly filtered and ready to reuse. Instead of wasting time — and thousands of litres of water — it’s best to make the right choice and utilise state-of-the-art technology in order to perform your hard surface cleaning. Choosing an environmentally friendly, efficient, and self-contained system will pay off in the long run. Whether you need to wash a cement surface or one made of another material, the Cyclone is your best call. After all, it’s the only hard surface cleaning method which leaves no run-off or discharge, requires no chemical products, and works faster than most other cleaning machines.