The Cyclone vacuum recovery machine solves all hard surface cleaning issues. The unfortunate thing about cleaning hard surfaces like car parks and footpaths is that it’s incredibly difficult to do without the proper equipment. Adding to that is the fact that it’s imperative that environmental regulations are met. There’s so much misinformation and confusion over whether or not a water pressure cleaning company will (a) do the job properly and (b) comply with EPA regulations. The simple truth is that when you’re looking for a water pressure cleaning company, you need to engage one that uses a cyclone vacuum recovery machine. Wash King is your best choice. We use the world-class Cyclone vacuum recovery machine.

Our Cyclone Vacuum Recovery Machine

What is cyclone vacuum recovery technology? It uses a cyclone, or “wind tunnel”, effect in order to combine with water and clean the the mould, grime and dirt from your hard surface. Wash King has technologically advanced equipment enabling us to undertake large clean up jobs with ease. Our Iveco large truck mounted unit is powered by a 49 HP engine which drives our on-board systems, including our unique and environment-friendly 850 CFM Roots Blower vacuum recovery unit.  This sets Wash King apart from our opposition by extracting dirt, water and debris from surfaces while we clean.  This is a versatile unit that can be used in large or smaller areas.

Cyclone Vacuum Recovery Machine
Cyclone Vacuum Recovery Machine

But our self-driven Cyclone vacuum recovery machine is our flag ship water pressure cleaning unit. Our Cyclone cleans with the 36” hydraulic surface cleaner. The Cyclone’s on-board vacuum recovery unit represents state-of-the-art technology. It collects all of the used, dirty water and passes it through an elaborate filtration system which filters the water, enabling it to be recycled and used over and over again. This process is not only environmentally friendly but also useful in large areas where water supply can be a distance away.

The Cyclone Vacuum Recovery Machine Excels

The Cyclone is used to pressure clean any large areas:

Cyclone Vacuum Recovery Machine
Our Cyclone Vacuum Recovery Machine really gets the job done!

Not only is discharging run-off water into the stormwater system terrible to the world we live in, it’s also illegal to dump waste water into waterways or storm water systems, as established by EPA Regulations. Individuals who do so are liable for fines as high as $60,000. That is why the Cyclone Vacuum Recovery unit is indeed the best choice. It provides you with every one of the benefits linked to pressured water cleaning, while caring for the downsides by itself. By doing this, you can have an area like a footpath, car parking or shopping centre cleaned in the best wqay possible. Unlike other systems, the Cyclone is entirely self-contained. It comes with a vacuum which collects this type of water utilised along with the debris, and a seven-stage filtering system that renders used water clean for reuse. The Cyclone is incredibly water efficient. Its eco-friendly approach to pressurised cleaning, renders it clearly an excellent choice in comparison to other types of machinery. As mentioned, not only are our units efficient and effective cleaning machines they ensure compliance with EPA regulations.  The EPA does not allow for contaminated water to enter our waterways and storm water systems.  Large fines are imposed on businesses/contractors/building owners who disregard the law. This is why a Cyclone vacuum recovery unit is a much better device than traditional water blasters. You can ensure that your hard surface will be cleaner, and you will be fully compliant with EPA regulations.