Importance of Car Park Cleaning

Car Park Cleaning reflects well on your business. If people are driving to your building and parking in your carpark it’s the car park that gives them their first impression of your property. This can impact on those leasing space in your property. If your car park is not clean and neat it doesn’t matter how clean your lobby is. A dark, dingy and dirty car park leaves people with a negative experience before they’ve even entered the building. Don’t do this in your building. Make sure your strata cleaning company is cleaning the car park regularly to ensure your car park users are left with a happy first experience. You won’t regret it.

car park cleaning

Car park cleaning creates a safer environment

Cars leak motor oil occasionally. The more cars that come into your car park, the more chance there is that these leaks may happen in your car park. A motor oil spillage can cause stains. It’s also slippery and can cause issues for vehicles and pedestrians. A motor oil spillage left uncleaned can be dangerous for those using the car park. Make sure your chosen strata cleaning company is on top of this regularly.