High pressure  water cleaning using a vacuum recovery unit, also known as waterblasting or hydrocleaning, is a very effective method of cleaning hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete.

It is performed by pressurizing and focusing a water stream in order to reach a very strong force, which in turn will be able to easily remove buildup of contaminants such as mould, dirt, petroleum deposits, tyre marks, and grime.

Cyclone Vacuum Recovery Unit Stops Waste

Cyclone Vacuum Recovery Unit
Our Cyclone Vacuum Recovery Unit means saving water

Of course, simply by picturing the process, one may imagine how wasteful it can be.

If a company fails to take proper measures when performing pressurized water cleaning, they will likely waste thousands of litres of water, not to mention discharge water that is full of dangerous chemicals and debris to the environment.

Not only is this terrible for the world we live in, it’s also illegal to dump waste water on waterways or storm water system, as established by EPA Regulations.

Those who do so anyway can face fines of up to $60,000.

This is why the Cyclone vacuum recovery unit is so effective and useful — it gives you all of the benefits associated with pressured water cleaning, while taking care of the downsides on its own.

This way, you can have an area such as a footpath, car parking or a paved location. Unlike most other systems, the Cyclone is entirely self-contained.

It features a vacuum which collects the water utilised along with the debris, and a seven-stage filtration system that makes sure the water is clean for reuse.

This makes it an incredibly water efficient and environmentally friendly method of pressurized cleaning, which makes it clearly a superior choice when compared to other types of machinery.

More About Our Cyclone Vacuum Recovery Unit

In fact, part of the Cyclone’s effectiveness comes from the fact it can be controlled by a single operator, making it a highly straightforward process which does not take long to perform at all.

The whole point of sophisticated machinery is to make performing complicated tasks easier – and the Cyclone does just that.

Cyclone Vacuum Recovery Unit
Our Cyclone Vacuum Recovery Unit gets results!

Another reason why the Cyclone is so fast is the fact it features a 36-inch surface cleaner cut.

Most other pressured water cleaning devices have a 20-inch cut, which is significantly smaller and would take much longer to clean the same surface.

Paired with the fact it’s operated by a single person, this makes the Cyclone an incredibly effective, one-pass cleaning method.

Not only will you be saving water and time, a Cyclone Vacuum Recovery Unit saves on fuel, too – remember, it does not require an external vacuum, which makes it a lot more fuel efficient.

Keeping in mind how fast the machine is and how much it saves, it’s easy to see why the Cyclone is your best choice for pressured water cleaning.

Whichever hard surfaces you need to clean, choose a method that will do so in an environmentally friendly manner, and leave them dry and ready to be used.