Fungus/Algae/Mould Removal

Get rid of grime, lichen, moss, vine tendrils and mould staining.

If your building is being stained by plantlife, WashKing can blast it all away. Our high pressure cleaning services work on driveways, paving, roofs and walls.

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Fungus (algae/mould/mildew) build-up is common in high humidity areas in Australia, most commonly in Queensland. You may think fungus on roofs is innocuous, or even pretty. However, the fungus absorbs moisture and establishes roots on your roof causing the beginning of roof degradation. It may also lead to lifting roof coverings, leading to leaks, roof cavity mould and larger issues.
While it’s nice in nature, when fungus grows on buildings and driveways it can stain surfaces. In some cases, permanently.
The presence of fungus on concrete and brick walkways can also make them slippery, causing a safety hazard.

Remove the fungus, leave the paint

Acting as soon as you notice fungus (algae/mould/mildew) growth will help achieve a better result, with less chance of a painted underlying surface coming away with the fungus removal. It’s much easier to remove new fungus growth.
There are a number of ways to remove fungus, including a scraper or using chemicals. High pressure water cleaning is a great method in most instances for instant results to remove fungus from paver cracks, driveways and brickwork. To keep the fungus at bay for a longer period of time, we recommend our Anti-Fungal Treatment.

Anti-fungal Treatment – Long Term

Our Anti-fungal treatment is environmentally friendly and responsible. It kills the algae spores and if applied once per year, no fungus will return. It is also a hospital grade disinfectant sanitiser.

WashKing can guarantee no regrowth for 12 months if the areas are maintained by our trained professionals.

When an anti-fungal treatment is applied, it immediately attacks the algae/mould/mildew and kills the spores. Mother-nature then takes care of the rest with the weathering process gradually washing the decomposing material away.

WashKing’s anti-fungal treatment is a safe effective way to remove any algae/mould/mildew from just about all exterior surfaces.

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