To start with, we cover the surface with a special cleaning substance which is biodegradable and environment friendly. It will make the mould, moss, algae etc. detach easier from the concrete.

Step 2

Next step is scrubbing, so the solution gets fully effective. We will manually rub the entire area, so we are sure all the bonds are broken.

Step 3

At this stage we will use high pressure washing to remove all the dirt. This is the most effective way of achieving a perfectly clean surface.

Cleaning at its best!

When you use a cheap hardware store-type, non-professional high pressure cleaner you will at first have a nice result because the dirt, algae and mosses will appear to have gone away.

Unfortunately this only happens at the surface and the roots and spores will remain and continue their life cycle, so shortly after you’ve done your hard work they will be back. Wash King’s professional cleaning will prevent this from happening and you will be able to enjoy much longer lasting results.

What is the Difference between Cement and Concrete?

Concrete is a mixture of aggregates, water and cement. So cement is one of the components of concrete, which has the role to bind together the aggregates.

The properties and strength of the concrete are influenced by the characteristics of the aggregates. Certain properties can be influenced by the use of special additives, so the time to dry, resistance, porosity and viscosity can be controlled to a certain extent.

Cement is manufactured by mixing clay and limestone which are heated and grinded together, resulting in a binding agent in contact with water. Concrete and mortar are made of cement, water, sand and aggregates in different proportions.

Concrete Cleaning Substance is specifically made for maintaining the concrete after the building is finished. It is designed for giving best results on the hard, yet porous surface of the concrete surface.