With our state-of-the-art cleaning systems which includes PORTABLE (for High Rise access) and TRUCK MOUNT systems, combined with our professional cleaning products, we are able to extract years of dirt, grime and contaminants from within the pores of your tiles and grout. With our VACUUM RECOVERY all dirt, solution, water and debris will be extracted from all surfaces — internal and external. Shopping Centres, High Rise balconies, residential tiles, commercial tiles.


Step 1. We first inspect your tiles and grout to determine the best cleaning method. Step 2. We apply our specialised cleaning solution to your tile and grout for approximately 10 minutes. Our solutions loosen dirt and grease from your tiles and grout, then surface will be agitated with rotary brushes. Step 3. With our tile cleaning head using low pressure water and vacuum recovery, we extract solution, dirt, water and debris from the surface of your tile and grout. high pressure cleaning, pressure cleaning brisbane, pressure cleaning gold coast, pressure cleaning, pressure cleaning driveway

Balcony tiles at Mantra . . . clean as a whistle, and no run-off, thanks to our Vacuum Recovery system.