Established in Queensland in the year 2003, Wash King can attend to your low or high pressure water cleaning needs. It utilizes vacuum recovery in  environmentally friendly, purpose-built machinery, which works with chemical-free water. After the pressured water cleans the area, vacuum recovery retrieves all the water and debris.

The water is then recycled through the use of an onboard filtration system. In other words, when using our system, we don’t waste thousands of litres of water as most other methods do.

Vacuum Recovery Best on All Surfaces

Wash King also repairs and reseals any type of hard surface. We service both Queensland and Northern New South Wales, and we’re your best choice to service the following sites:

When deciding which company to hire, keep in mind that EPA Regulations prohibit companies from dumping waste water in storm water systems or waterways.

Companies who do so face large fines that can reach $60k – so it’s best to use our technologically advanced, environmentally friendly methods instead.

Our large truck mounted unit features a powerful on-board 850 CFM Roots Blower unit, which recovers water, preventing run-off. The Cyclone, a self-contained deep cleaning unit for hard surfaces, features a seven-stage filtration system, which recycles all the water used.

Wash King's Vacuum Recovery is Best
Wash King’s Vacuum Recovery is best

The Cyclone Uses Vacuum Recovery Technology

The Cyclone is safety conscious, water efficient and environmentally responsible. It saves thousands of litres of water every single workday, and features a 36″ surface cleaner cut.

It’s very fast when compared to most cleaners only have a 20″ cut that does not recover or recycle water. Not only it helps with EPA compliance, it is free of chemicals, and provides deep hard surface cleaning using only heat and water.

Its patented Cyclone head provides efficient one-pass cleaning, increasing productivity and allowing you to drastically reduce how much time it takes to clean large areas. At Wash King, we have a team of skilled, expert professionals who take pride in providing the best service possible.

We specialize in scheduled property maintenance and cleaning common areas. We also provide competitive pricing, and we have a full, $20 million dollar insurance policy, so you can be sure that you’re not running any risks when we hire us.

The Cyclone: An Advanced Vacuum Recovery Solution For Hard-Surface Cleaning

The self-driven Cyclone Unit is another amazing example of hard surface cleaners. It utilizes a 36″ hydraulic surface cleaner, and collects and filtrates dirty water through the use of an onboard vacuum unit, allowing it to be used again.

The process is very environmentally friendly, and also very convenient in locations where the water supply is distant or hard to reach. It’s multi-stage filtration system makes it easy to recover and recycle water, minimizing the need for visiting the supply multiple times.

The Cyclone can be utilized to do pressure cleaning in large ares such as:

Wash King's Vacuum Recovery is Best
Wash King’s Vacuum Recovery works first time, every time!

Designed specifically to clean surfaces such as footpaths, paved areas and car parking, it works in a much more effective manner than other methods, taking significantly less time.

Its patented head cleans and removes mould and dirt buildup, without damaging the surface below. The Cyclone technology then recovers debris and water, and separates them through various filters in the waste tank, and collects the debris so they can be disposed of in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner.

The Cyclone machine removes grime as well, without damaging the surface – leaving it perfectly clean and dry in the end. The water is re-utilised for cleaning, and the cleaned off debris are collected as well, making it an environmentally friendly solution.

By using its revolutionary surface-cleaning technology, Wash King’s Cyclone machine delivers incredible deep cleaning of hard surfaces such as concrete by removing grime, mould, dirt, petroleum deposits and tyre marks, without discharging in the environment or damaging the surfaces.

Practically all the water is reclaimed, and the contaminants are thoroughly filtered out – making it easy to re-utilise the water for longer cleaning cycles.

It’s incredible self-contained system provides the best outdoor surface cleaning solution, eliminating water runoff and chemical use, minimising the amount of water necessary, and helping you comply with EPA. One-pass cleaning performed by a single operator significantly improves productivity, providing a much higher return on investment when compared to other methods.