Anyone can clean a floor. Or at least pretend like they’re cleaning it.

But only serious professional tile and hard surface cleaners like Wash King use the special equipment for cleaning of tiles and hard surfaces, which is a must have in this business. These kinds of machinery are strong, dependable, have a long life span, and can be used for cleaning of different premises.

Here are some examples:

Warehouse Floor Cleaning

Generally the floor area of a warehouse is quite large, so cleaning it is a hard, time consuming job. If you need this kind of job done properly, you will get best value from Wash King, who have the  equipment required to do a great cleaning job in a reasonable period of time. Wash King has specialist equipment designed to make cleaning large areas a breeze.

Your warehouse floor becomes not only nice looking, but also safe and properly cleaned to meet the requirements for storage of any kind of materials.

Factory Floor Cleaning

Factory floors are regularly cleaned the traditional way, but from time to time a thorough professional cleaning of the tiled surfaces is needed. This is when Wash King’s special equipment for cleaning of tiles and hard surfaces is a must-have. Taking into account all the activity in a factory and the incidence of accidents that involve accidental spillages, a professional clean by Wash King is definitely a good investment.

Exterior Surface Cleaning

The exterior areas of a building are in permanent contact with dirt, dust, mud and so on, sometimes in very large quantities. This issue should be given proper attention before the situation becomes serious.

Wash King’s specialised equipment and unique processes for tiles and hard surfaces again provide the best solution. It can be used for cleaning of parking areas, walking lanes, as well as other hard surfaces. This is important both from an aesthetical point of view and from the safety point of view.

Above you have seen just a few of the best ways to make use of Wash King’s powerful and professional cleaning surfaces – and you’ll be rewarded with a great looking floor or exterior surface which will make people feel good just looking at it.

And a great looking floor, once the job is done, means it looks like it was cleaned by someone who really know what they were doing, not just pretending!